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Students and the SSN application process

  • 有效的I-20或DS-2019
  • Valid Passport, that contains the F1 or J1/J2 visa stamp
  • (Note: Canadian citizens need not have an F1 or J1/J2 visa in the passport)
  • 打印输出 I-94记录
  • 完成 SSN申请表 (obtained from the 社会保障行政 website)
  • 雇用 Offer Letter (from the hiring department when UF is the employer; from the hiring company for paid internships)
  • SSN Student Verification Letter (from UFIC)
  • 502 Bad Gateway

The 社会保障行政 has specific requirements for the information the 雇用 Offer Letter must contain. The letter must: